My goal is to empower and educate individuals and their family.  Pillar Therapy provides quality occupational therapy services in the clients' homes (or community setting if appropriate) in Hurricane, UT,  and surrounding areas.  

Sessions focus may include (but not limited to):

Please call, text, or email for a free consultation visit. 

Packages/ Pricing

My packages provide personalized pediatric occupational therapy services designed to empower your child's growth and independence. My goal is not to have your child in therapy forever but instead to provide and educate you with the tools and training needed to help your child be successful.  We can work together to choose a plan that works best for your family and your schedule. 

Package 1

8x 30 minute OT sessions 

Sessions $60 each

Package 2

4x 30 minute OT sessions

Sessions $75

Package 3 

1x 45 minute OT session

Session $90


Unfortunately, Pillar Therapy is private pay only and does not accept insurance at this time. When requested, I can provide a superbill, which you can submit to your insurance to seek reimbursement. 

Contact Information: 

Phone: [ 435-817-9185 ]

Email: [ ]